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Already have our bus and vehicle wraps? Explore digital advertising with Media Taurus! Digital Advertising allows you to reach your target audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. Get your statistics on how your digital campaign has faired with our digital advertising partners. Find out more below about Media Taurus’ digital advertising platforms!
outdoor advertising
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In today’s digital world, filled with loads of information, what better way to reach out to your target audience through a targeted medium! With online visits of more than 1 million visitors per month, stay connected with the online visitors throughout their online journey. These profiles will be targeted programmatically through the site usage data and then retargeted once they leave the airlines' website. The routes will then be defined and targeting variables to be aligned with your product proposition. Post campaign reports will be provided to justify marketing ROI! Find out more about this digital advertising solution today!
Integrate your out of home advertising campaigns with the No. 1 O2O (offline to online) medium, through effective use with the largest rewards program, to reach the daily active target audience. With more than 138 million app downloads in S.E.A. and 2 million local active users daily, these users are engaged with multiple services every day, enabling brands to engage key audience through GrabAds, with a seamless O2O experience.
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